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On The Process of Practicing

What isn't automatic needs work; what is automatic needs trust.
Work with your attention, not with your muscles.
Lose time to gain time; follow the path, not the product.
Do not constrain the events of today by an anticipation of tomorrow.
The tension in your body should not climax before the tension in the sound.

On Intonation

Excellent intonation - more a problem of tone than pitch.
A pragmatic approach to intonation control: If one note in a pattern of notes is out of tune, all the notes in the pattern are out of tune.
The effect of rhythm on control of intonation.
The effect of tone on control of intonation.
Stages in the development of excellent intonation.
Harmonic intonation / Melodic intonation.

Other Topics

Excellent coordination is always an issue of Three Hands.
Technique as athletics; Technique as music.
Music is a technique of passion.
Emotion is the glue that binds all the pieces together.
Tricks to developing reflexive technical control.
The Body's Energy should modulate continuously with the infinity of changes in the musical flow.
Relaxation is only a point of reference from which to evolve a precise and emotionally penetrating tautness.