Since 1985
In the quiet beauty of upstate NY
"intimate. collegial. challenging"

Stretch your limits and fulfill your potential. At a Practice Marathon Retreat you have the time to experiment with and incorporate new ways of thinking and playing. Three one-hour lessons a week and two workshops daily will put you in touch with your unique, creative energies. You will learn proven strategies to control your progress, set achievable goals, improve your concentration, perform with greater consistency and comfort, develop your memory, synchronize your mind, body and spirit, and improve the elasticity of your muscles as you play. In the workshops and lessons, each participant is encouraged to explore the process of work and to try new ways of music practicing. In addition, the workshops are videotaped so that participants can observe the effects of their new efforts and take detailed notes on the process involved. The workshops also provide an instant audience for a performance when needed. Progress is accelerated because the conditions for growth are ideal.

The Self-Empowerment Curriculum

"Burton Kaplan has put his observations into a clear, concise system of practice which gives freedom to the practice room prisoner. He is a teacher who hands out spoons and shows you how to feed yourself."
Marvin Suson, Assistant Principal Viola
Wisconsin Philharmonic

"Burton Kaplan is unique in his ability to teach musicians to teach themselves. His knowledge of how the mind works is integral to his approach, and his understanding of music is vast."
Jennifer Stahl, Violist
Residentie Orkest, The Hague

"Burton's down-to-earth methods have enabled me to focus in on what's most important about The Music. He empowers his students with the tools to synthesize instrumental technique and musical passion."
Peter Seidenberg, Principal Cello
Century Orchestra, Osaka, Japan

        Integrate Mind, Body and Spirit
        Find your voice, Connect your soul

"I used to argue with BK about his methods. Now I try them…and they work. I guess I'll have to argue with someone else now."
Kaveh Saidi, Violinist, Boston Freelancer

"MMMF helped me to find my voice. Burton teaches from the inside, out. Every lesson and workshop is meaningful. The Farm is a rare and treasured place."
Ginger Kroft, Principal Clarinet
Sacramento Philharmonic

"I love the intensity, depth of understanding and spontaneity which is brought to the surface in each and every player. Burton Kaplan brings to each session an overwhelming exuberance and passion for music and musicians, and delivers his message with humor and an uncanny sense of connection which cuts to the core and draws out resources deep within the spirit.
Adele O'Dwyer, Principal Cello
Irish Chamber Orchestra

"Once again, MMMF and Burton Kaplan have taught me to embrace the connection between mind, body and soul leaving me refreshed and eager to take more risks as an artist."
Charlene Huang, Freelance violinist
Los Angeles, CA

"Burton Kaplan has created a language to explain the secrets behind musical expression. The Farm creates an opportunity for people to harness this information and use it to link together knowledge and emotion."
Hector Milete, Freelance Violist, NYC

        Learn Practice Efficiency

"Burton Kaplan's approach is a perfect combination of creativity and optimal self-observation without negative judgement. My practicing has become much more efficient and as a result, I've become a better player."
Laurraine Carpenter, Second Trumpet
San Jose Symphony

"By using your practice techniques I was able to gain successful results in a short amount of time. I would not have otherwise been able to focus my concentration on the kind of detail that is required to play a near perfect audition."
Ben Hong, Associate Principal Cello
Los Angeles Philharmonic

"Magic Mountain brought into focus the missing pieces in my approach to preparing and performing music. The tools I now have for playing and teaching are priceless and practical."
Christine Moulton, Assistant Professor of Flute
Mansfield University

        Develop Performance Consistency

"Not only have I been able to practice and hone my craft in a way that I couldn't do at home, I also take with me many fascinating ideas on how to practice, how to approach performing and how to achieve the maximum result with the least effort."
Ming F. Hsin, Violinist
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"At the Farm I've learned that my constant goal, no matter what technical task lies before me, is to find the narrative- the drama implied by that page of black dots. And because this 'story' is my own invention and the voice is me resonating though my own instrument, practice and performance have become a personally rewarding adventure which is a joy to share. It's amazing."
Nora Adachi, Clarinetist, Orchestra Coach and Private Teaching Studio
San Francisco

"Burton Kaplan has created an ingenious system for teaching musicians to practice efficiently for successful performance."
Mark Hartman, Assistant Professor of Strings
Houghton College

Workshops and Video Feedback

"BK's workshops combine detailed methods of practicing with the often intangible aspects of creativity, temperament, and attitude. He treats his students like a good doctor, not specializing in only one area, but looking at the whole - mind, body and spirit."
Noralee Walker, Violist
The New England String Ensemble

"The techniques of practicing learned in daily workshops helped me to organize and increase the efficiency of my practicing to its highest level yet. I have taken a giant leap in my practicing skills."
Ben Hong, Assistant Principal Cello
Los Angeles Philharmonic

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